Teacher Hack 1

Ever find yourself giving out an original worksheet to students by mistake and having to resort to copying from a copy when you need another class set of that worksheet? The quality of the copy decreases rapidly with each successive copying round – leading to ugly, unusable worksheets… but you can’t get another ‘original’ because you have no idea what the source was or what name the file is labelled as on your computer! I’ve been there. After hours of searching for the original source I actually re-made the worksheet from scratch!

Here’s the fix:

To avoid this problem, write in yellow highlighter on your original copy. The yellow won’t photocopy in a black & white copier. Write on the file name (or book/poster) and year. Tada! You certainly won’t give your original out by mistake and if you need to edit it – the file name is immediately to hand.
I have also used this technique to write answers on cloze (fill the gap) worksheets. No-more separate answer keys for me!

Love, cuddles & death stares,