My Ultra Teaching Ninja Skill During Test Season

My top secret Ninja teaching weapon during test season is… wait for it… touch typing. That’s right. Touch typing.

touch typing

\ˈtəch\ \ˈtʌɪpɪŋ\


  1. The act of typing words on a keyboard without looking at the keys using all 8 fingers.

Try it. You’ll be amazed how often you want to glance at the keyboard just to check the lettering. Keep that head held high, eyes forward and allow your muscle memory to guide you.

So how does a keyboarding skill become a Ninja Skill? When you use it like this:

When pupils sit formative tests, end of year exams or really any written activity which needs to be carried out independently and in silence, you simply sit in front of your keyboard and type.

TOUCH TYPING: catch cheats during tests with your Ninja skills!

Look down at the keyboard while you type for the first 30 seconds. Those key taps will be sounding around the room giving the pupils an auditory signal that your attention is otherwise occupied. Go on – lull them into a false sense of security. After those short 30 seconds have passed, raise you head, whilst still typing, and look around. It is the most amazing feeling when you make eye contact with that kid who was looking to have a quick peek at their neighbours test and thought you were otherwise occupied. Gotcha!* As I said; Ninja Skill.

So... you think you can move your eyes away from your paper? Not in my lesson!

*I like to pull out the Robert DiNiro move from Meet the Parents when I catch the kids with wandering eyes. Oh! My internal glee when their face drops.

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