Interactive Display: Units

My classroom is accessed via a long narrow corridor which opens up onto the stairs. Therefore, I have lots of display space outside of my classroom. One of my boards is one of the most seen boards in the school because it is next to one of the main doors. Baring that in mind, I wanted this board to be relevant to all, science related and a fun (or as fun as possible!) learning opportunity to boot. 

So I dreamed up this creation: the interactive units display. 

The main focus of this display is a set of 12 laminated questions on individual ‘flaps’. Lift the flap and the answer is revealed underneath. I laminated these prior to folding which makes them designed to automatically pop open – a circular number *just* holds the flap in place. The overall effect is quite 3D which I really like because the flaps seem to invite you to have a peek underneath. 

I also included a score board and attached pencil so those who have ‘had a go’ can jot down their score proudly. 

The real heart warming moment came when I saw people using it. You see, I didn’t tell anyone that it was an interactive board. It wasn’t promoted in any way. Yet, here we are, a week after its conception and there are 5 members of staff (!!) and 22 kids across 7 different classes who have listed their scores on the board. 

The REALLY fantastic thing about all this? Not everyone got 12/12 but they were proud of their scores and wrote them up anyway. No fear of judgement. To me, this just shows what a fantastic set of growth mindset kids we have. I hope they will have another go soon and show they can improve their score. 

Now I’m brainstorming other ways to make an interactive display! Ideas anyone?

Love, cuddles & death stares,