Biography of The Science Teaching Ninja

If you’re confused by the varying use of English and American terms and spellings within this blog – join the gang. Everyone is confused. Even me.

I grew up in a number of countries around the world, many with American influences, eventually earning a Biology degree in the UK and my Teaching Diploma in NZ.

My active teaching experience has all taken place in England. Why? Because my darling husband, Pirate, and our girls, Mini-Pirate and Mini-Ninja, have driven pegs through my feet and put a stop to my globetrotting ways.

It’s a blow, I’ll tell you.

11 years as a GCSE and KS3 teacher (that’s Secondary School 11-16 for those of you outside the UK) and now 2 years as a KS2 teacher (7-11) have been spent teaching the subject I love: Science.

I’m temperamental and moody. The kids never know what to expect and I must be a nightmare for any parent of an Asperger’s child. That said, every lesson is as hands-on as possible and there is NO WAY the children don’t know how much I love teaching Science.

When reading this blog, allow a sarcastic tone to echo in your mind. Allow your eyes to skip over the poor grammar and unfamiliar terms. Engage in the content and feel the writing. But even if you don’t, I’ll still have fun writing it.

Love, cuddles & death stares,