Aim 2: Alter My Planning Methods

I have used the iDoceo app for about 5 years now. It was an incredible tool in my previous school where I was doing something completely novel with each class that crossed my path.

However, times have changed. I now find myself in the envious position of repeating 6 lessons 3 times in a week. Yes, that’s right, I only have to plan a grand total of 6 lessons each week and simply tweak them to meet my learners needs or time constraints.

I actually have time to plan a beautiful lesson! With complete resources! Which will be used time and time again! My days of using iDoceo to scribble down ideas which didn’t need custom resources are over. Hooray! (Did I cram enough exclamation points in there?)

So what have I done instead? I’ve gone back to the Stone Age of course! I have an A3 paper calendar with my classes on. I scribble on the lesson name and note any calendar clashes (for example sports day, swimming galas etc). My actual lesson plans are part of my Keynote/Powerpoint presentation, stored in the presenter notes section. My lessons, for some time now, have been ordered 1a, 1b, 2a, 3a, 3b, 4a etc. Each lesson has it’s own number. Then all the resources linked to it are given a letter with the main keynote/Powerpoint having the ‘a’ designation. This makes it so easy to find resources and without the need for endless amounts of folders within folders.

I have trialled this calendar for a month. There are certainly some issues – the need for tippex is the main one! I also don’t have quite enough space to write some details on. I think that is because I’m tempted to write more on the calendar than I need to. I must remember the details of the starters, plenaries etc are on my MacBook.

Maybe I could look into using a digital calendar? Perhaps a thought for next year!

Love, cuddles and death stares,

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