Aim 1: Tracking What is Achieved in Individual Lessons

In my new teaching year resolutions I spoke of my aim to better track what is achieved in each lesson. I need to do this because I teach the same lesson to 3 classes; often back to back. This is fantastic for planning but not so great when one class has a 70 minute lesson and another a 50 minute lesson. I often struggle to recall what an individual class has achieved from lesson to lesson.

Now, instead of constantly asking 'have we done this?', I'm going to start tracking myself. Of course, I could grab a planner and scribble on it, but that isn't how I plan. Therefore, my attendance, homework monitoring, behaviour monitoring, class achievements and completed tasks are going to be in a simple class book. That's right. I'm going to have a class book exactly like the pupils in my class (except with a few more details).

As I often end up demoing what I want the class notes to look like and often write in correct answers on worksheets when we peer mark – what is the harm in actually making my own book for each class?

I hope this will eliminate the sadly common occurrence of:

lesson 1: ask pupil to write date and title, get started on practical but write nothing down.

lesson 2: pupil leaves prior page (lesson 1) completely blank and writes date and title again, on a fresh page, when asked to write their experiment up.

What a waste of paper! Hopefully if they can see me modelling how their book should look I can save some more trees!

Love, cuddles & death stares,