A year in review…

After not logging onto my site, let alone posting anything, for months now, I wonder if setting up this blog has been worth it.


The answer is, yes. Those initial blogs, written in the summer when I had loads of energy and enthusiasm, did indeed set the tone for the year. I put in place some practices which I am proud of and will use again next year. Other things were less successful… but surely that is the point of CPD? Constantly pushing yourself and being unafraid to experiment with something new?

I have, however, failed to update this blog regularly. There were two main reasons for this. Firstly, it became onerous. These weren’t my private notes. They were articles, each written and edited with the appropriate pictures, pinterest worthy pins and links. Just remembering to take photographs was too much effort, let alone editing them! For any full time teacher this is far too much work on top of our usual workload.

Secondly, I was afraid to be judged by my colleagues and found lacking. In my head, the expectation was that every teacher knows how to write a snappy article with an easy to follow ‘voice’. My writing is, quite simply, not like that.

I also feared backlash should this blog be linked to the real me, in my real job. What would my head say if she knew I ‘accidentally’ misplaced some homework sheets when my mountain of marking became too much? It was too much risk.

So I’m going to allow this blog to become itself. To truly become a teaching diary of successes and failures. And failures there will be a plenty! Should my Head Teacher get wind of it – well, I won’t be mentioning my school by name so I’m hoping by not pulling the school into disrepute I’ll get away with it. Let’s see how that pans out shall we?

Love, cuddles & death stares,