Aim 3: Pupils track their own Learning Objectives

In my previous school, I ensured a Learning Objective sticker would be stuck on the top of each page. They were simple bullet points, in kid-speak, of what the kids were supposed to learn, as pertained to the curriculum. They weren’t something the kids particularly used and in some ways, limited the lesson because there was no ‘discovery’ – the kids new exactly what they would be learning from the get-go. It also meant that time was spent at the start of the lesson getting these stuck into the books. The advantage was the kids easily knew what that page covered when revising.

During a recent book trawl, I noticed it wasn’t always clear what my pupils had learned, especially when it was a skill such as identifying an independent variable. Therefore, I’m bringing LO stickers back out again but with a small difference. To make them more valuable to the pupils (and me), I’m going to include an unfilled bullet point next to each statement. The pupils can then colour code the LO to say if they met, exceeded or didn’t meet the LO in their opinion. I may add another bullet point to add whether I think they have met the LO too. I think a traffic light colour scheme for colour coding would be best, although this has the drawback that I will also have to tote around a red, orange and green pen. (Why doesn’t anyone sell a Bic-style ‘traffic light’ pen?)

Here is a draft layout of the ‘sticker’:Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 17.52.50

The alternative version which wouldn’t require a red, orange and green pen/pencil:Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 18.04.02

I like that option 2 needs no specific coloured pens/pencils and also includes the title (saves the kids from having to write it). The only problem is ensuring the correct circle is selected for red, orange or green. This could be overcome with a colour poster above the whiteboard and a bit of training. The other downside of option 2 is it’s also not as quick to look at when quickly reviewing the books for reports. I could always get the kids to quickly go over their (and my) selections with appropriately coloured highlighters when doing revision though.

Therefore, I am going with option 2. Let’s see how long this lasts shall we?

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